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How to Maintain a Neat-Looking Closet?

22 Mar 2022 7 Mins Read 1019 Views

Is your closet as clean, organized, and efficient as you are passionate about it to be? Does one end up repeatedly carrying solely 2 or 3 things from your soft closet? If you are like the general public, your closet contains things that now do not work or things you now do not wish to wear. Once your closet is helter-skelter it makes finding what you truly wish to wear a frustrating task. As season’s amendment, it’s a good time to find out the way to clean a closet and organize your space for storing from high to bottom.

Maintaining an organized closet can forever be an Associate in the current method because changing your wardrobe is associated with the current process; however, their area unit bound stuff you will do to confirm you never pay quite 20 minutes rearranging your garments ever once more.

So put aside an extended afternoon, grab the subsequent provides, place on your tunes and let’s get started!

#1.Gather the subsequent supplies:


A pail of heat water with 3 cups of water and a tablespoon of natural dish soap


Dust mask

Trash bags

Three laundry baskets or boxes

Matching hangers

Hooks and pocket organizers for accessories

Marker, pen, paper, and tape

#2. Remove everything from the closet.

It might look like a forceful life, however, I feel the most effective thanks to doing the work right and being proud of the top results to really take away everything from the closet. If it’s been a jiffy since you cleaned your closet, you will wish to wear a dirt mask to avoid headaches or allergies. It’s wonderful what quantity of dirt accumulates in an exceedingly closet.

#3. Clean surfaces and floors.

Yellow gauntleted hand cleanup closet wall with blue microfiber dress

Take your rag and heat water and wipe down the complete closet. Wipe down the walls from prime to bottom and also the shelves. Vacuum totally, or if your closet has hardwood flooring, sweep and wash the ground.

#4.Cluster and kind garments, shoes, and accessories.

Mark areas of laundry baskets, or bins with labels to simply type things to:




Toss out something that stained or broken.  Keep what you have worn often within the last year and what flatters your figure and elegance. Let everything you haven’t worn recently be enjoyed by some other person. Aim to stay but half what you had within the closet. Sort accessories like purses, backpacks, shoes, belts, scarves, or jewelry into one part of your area.  cluster jeans, dress pants, T-shirts, blouses, dresses, boots, and shoes into another space of the space.

#5 Droop up or fold the garments you actually wear.

Use solely your new matching droppers and hang up what’s able to return within the closet. Organize by like-items and, if desired, go one step more and organize by color. Fold things if they’re being placed on shelves or drawers. Place away shoes (you might have to place up a shoe rack or get clear plastic shoe containers to guard and stack shoes you wear less often). If you have got the area to type by season, maybe created a seasonal closet area in another area or storage unit.

#6. Be artistic together with your closet house.

If you get artistic, most closets and rooms will hold over you would possibly assume. Once your garments are adorned up, shop around your closet. Does one have a wall house for hooks? What concerning the rear of a door? Droop hooks or pocket organizers on rods, walls, or doors for accessories.

You can droop scarves by snapping drapery rings around a hanger and process scarves through the rings. Jewelry will be unbroken in clear pocket organizers. If you don’t have enough space in your closet for accessories, get artistic and notice the house in an exceedingly close toilet or bedroom.

#7. Do your laundry.

At this time you will have a pile of laundry, therefore wash all the garments that require to be washed, and convey things that require to be cleaned to the automobile. Attempt to tackle the laundry pile inside 24 hours therefore you’ll be able to end the closet. Once the entire garments area unit is clean, if you don’t have an area for them, undergo the closet to urge obviate a couple of additional things.

#8. Reveal things.

Take away everything you haven’t worn within the past year and take it to the automotive to be born off a subsequent day at your favorite charity. Whereas there’s an occasion you will make known one thing you would like you had down the road, within the long-standing time, it will be worthwhile, improvement out a closet can build future selections abundant easier.  Being a lot organized can assist you to grasp what you really want to purchase going forward and you will build fewer wear mistakes.

#9. Consider attempting a daily clothing chart.

If you would like to be additional inventive with what you wear and save cash on your vesture budget, tape a bit of paper to the within of your closet. Every day, write what you wear. You’ll not solely begin to be additional inventive with what you wear, however it will become clear what you wear the foremost usually. If you discover that you simply aren’t victimization everything in your closet, you will understand what to stay and what will be given away. You will be able to conjointly keep notes of things you wish to complete outfits, like a replacement belt or scarf.

#10. Keep up the great work!

Clean closets want regular maintenance to remain organized and tidy. It is sensible to try a seasonal finish off twice or thrice a year to stay the dirt down and therefore the litter cornered.

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