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Princess Polly’s Low Prices Too Good To Be True

Princess Polly’s Low Prices Too Good To Be True

12 Oct 2023 5 Mins

Princess Polly is one of the largest and fastest growing women’s fashion websites in Australia. An online boutique filled with the coolest, newest fashion for the gen Y/I girl. Within our boutique group, we stock more than 50 of the best Australian labels, but we will always consider ourselves to be a STYLE store, not a label store.

What is Princess Polly?
Princess Polly is an online shop with headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, and Los Angeles, California. They carry all of the latest trends, from street style pieces to sexy bodycon dresses, loungewear, and everything in between. Their primary goal is not to produce low-quality clothing at low prices. Rather, they strive to provide high-quality clothing at reasonable prices, and new styles are added to the site on a weekly basis. This is a breath of fresh air in an era where fast fashion has become the norm. Princess Polly has a really cool feature: they never photoshop the models on their websites. With all of the editing that goes on in today’s world, it’s refreshing to see REAL people wearing their clothes. All images, from the home page photos to each listing, are unedited.

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Is Princess Polly a good place to shop?
According to the website of the clothing company, 99 percent of the clothing produced for the brand can be traced back to 59 different factories in China. Princess Polly has spent the last few years attempting to map every tier of its supply chain, from the factories that manufacture its products to the fibres used to make its fabric.  All of its factories are allegedly registered with the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) and have their practises independently audited. It makes use of environmentally friendly materials, including recycled materials. There is no evidence that it reduces its supply chain’s carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. There is no evidence that it reduces textile waste when producing its products. Princess Polly’s animal welfare policies are rated “good,” as the brand does not use angora, fur, or exotic animal skins, but it does use leather.

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Is Princess Polly a viable option?
Princess Polly has a long way to go before she is completely sustainable. However, the brand has already begun its journey towards sustainability by opting for slow fashion. To begin with, it reduces overproduction by producing products in small batches based on customer demand. Intending to offer affordable yet quality and stylish clothing, the brand uses eco-friendly materials in 20% of its products. Princess Polly has also launched a “Lower-impact” material range, with the goal of using sustainable materials in 60% of its product line by 2025. However, you can’t ignore the brand’s greenwashing tactics, such as its “Earth Club” range, which only accounts for 10% of its entire stock of over 7,000 products.  Furthermore, there is no transparent information outlining its textile waste management or toxic chemical wastewater treatment actions.

Is Princess Polly Fashionable?
Yes, Princess Polly meets all of the fast fashion criteria and is unquestionably a fast fashion brand. The global retailer caters to customers who want to look Instagram-ready and celeb-worthy. Every day, new styles are released with ‘flash sales’ and’stock running out’ prompts, instilling a sense of urgency in every shopper. Again, with trends that rely heavily on the current trend cycle, Princess Polly fits are unlikely to be worn repeatedly for an extended period of time. Furthermore, the brand thrives for its TikTok and Instagram gigs by sponsoring massive influencer hauls, instilling fear of missing out among its target audience.  While the company’s website promotes ‘buying less and reusing your Princess Polly pieces,’ the influencer hauls done left and right promote nothing but overconsumption. Everything at Princess Polly moves quickly, from new arrivals and stock clearance to quick delivery and simple returns. And as the week of this fast-paced cycle concludes, they announce.

Is Princess Polly genuine?
Princess Polly is a real person. It promotes fast shipping, on-time delivery, and a simple refund process, which has earned the brand a devoted following. However, with a fast fashion brand, nothing is ever perfect, right? Many people complained about Princess Polly’s clothing quality, sizing issues, and extremely late delivery, or even orders going missing in some cases. Guess Princess Polly has some catching up to do to get its operations back on track.

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