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Winter Skincare Tips for Happy and Healthy Skin

Winter Skincare Tips for Happy and Healthy Skin

6 Dec 2021 6 Mins Read 1989 Views

Just as the skin needs bound protection throughout the warmth of summer, skin additionally has special desires in winter. Winters are the higher time to introduce some refreshment on winter skincare routine. With all the dry winter air within the colder months, a skincare routine is a must to address any problem your skin won’t face throughout hotter months.

Getting deep into it, that why skin becomes dry in winter
It’s all about humidity, when the temperature drops humidity levels fluctuate which causes skin dryness and loss of hydration. In dry and cold weather your skin fails to hold on to the moisture about 25 percent than usual. Harsh winter is not only the reason behind the loss of moisture in the skin but your lifestyle, exposure to hot water, the quantity of water you drink, the fabric you wear all contribute to help in losing skin natural oil and its natural moisture.


Here are some common winter skin problems? Are you experiencing these?
1. Hydration is very important in winters to keep skin supple. Loss of hydration and moisture in the skin can occur
2. Rough skin texture
3. Itchiness
4. Dryness makes the pores and wrinkles more visible
These are the common sign of skin conditions in winters if you experiencing any of the above, so it is high time to adopt some healthy skincare routine.
Some winter skincare tips to make skin healthier and shiner!

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#1 Right Moisturizer
Picking the right moisturizer is very important to get soft and glowing skin. If your skin is oily so always choose a non-greasy oil-free moisturizer. If you have skin that dries out quickly, so go for the moisturizer which contains lanolin and lactic acid. If you are not sure about your skin type visit any good dermatologist to find out the right product for your skin.


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#2 Stay Hydrated
In winters it’s difficult to drink the water due to cold weather. While taking other essential nutrients like fresh fruits, vegetables, hot soups cakes, and wine, drinking water also plays a very important role for the skin. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day for healthy and hydrated skin.

#3 Say No Hot Showers
Hot showers are best in winters but it makes your skin dry and rough. Switch to lukewarm water during cold months and don’t forget to use moisturizer right after the bath.

#4 Face Care Regimen is a Must
The skin on your face needs proper attention during winter days. Using the right type of face products is very important because they protect the skin from getting dry and rough and will give you the desired glow.

#5 Sunscreen is Very Important
Sunscreen plays a very important role in our skincare life. It is very important to protect your skin from UV Rays, whenever you go out in the sun. Sunscreen blocks the UV rays and greatly reduces the chance of sunburn. Applying sunscreen each day can reduce the risk of skin cancers. Even on cloudy days, sunscreen is a must because it helps the skin from discoloration, and wrinkles over time.

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#6 Pamper your Hands, Lips, and Eyes
We mostly work with our hands. And we tend to wash our hands multiple times which is the reason that our hands lose moisture. Use a hand cream on regular basis to keep them soft and moisturized throughout the day. The same is with lips and eyes always moist the lips with using a lip balm to prevent chapping. Use a good quality eye cream to help the delicate skin around the eyes.

#7 Regular Shaving Must be Avoided
Regular shaving must be avoided because it makes your skin dry after shaving, regular shaving strip out the moisture so it’s important to use moisturizing after shaving cream.

#8 Exfoliating
It’s very important to remove the dead skin to allow new layers to resurface. Do not use harsh facial scrubs, switch to a chemical-based exfoliator which loaded with a good antioxidant.

#9 Diet
Include veggies and fruits throughout the season. Additionally, intake of food which is rich in Omega 3, vitamin C, A, and E is very helpful in having moisturized and healthy skin.

#10 Exercise
It’s hard to exercise especially in winters, but if you love your skin and want to make it healthy and young so regular exercise is a must. Regular exercise will pump up the heart rate and regulate the blood
flow to your organs and skin.

These tips are easy to follow and easy to include in your daily routine in winter.

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