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Limitless Sporting Energy – Under Armour Sportswear Brand

Limitless Sporting Energy – Under Armour Sportswear Brand

9 Aug 2022 7 Min Read

Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world rely on Under Armour for high-quality clothing and apparel. Since 1996, the Under Armour Logo and brand has been producing a wide range of sports clothing, quickly becoming a company capable of competing with the likes of Nike and Adidas. Under Armour has risen to the top of the sports apparel industry thanks to strong branding and even stronger products. In this article, we’ll look at the brand’s history as well as the important role that Under Armour’s logo has played in its success.

History of Under Armour

Under Armour was started in 1996 by Kevin Plank. He was a 23-year-old special team captain for the University of Maryland football team at the time. Plank got the concept for the Under Armour brand after noting how much dryer his compression shorts stayed than the football shirts he wore. Plank set out to create a garment out of synthetic cloth that would drain away moisture, and he began selling it from the trunk of his car and his grandmother’s basement. Plank made his first significant sale at the end of 1996, selling gear to a squad for $17,000.Kevin Plank’s rags-to-riches triumph is reflected in the company’s name; he only chose the British spelling of the term “Armor” because the toll-free vanity number for that name was still available.

Today, though, Under Armour could easily afford to buy out any number. The business made $232.6 million in 2015 and has become the go-to gear for some of the world’s best sports stars. Soon after Under Armour’s founding, Nike, Adidas, and Reebok began to follow suit, manufacturing their own versions of moisture-wicking shirts.

While the Under Armour brand was founded on this moisture-wicking design, the company now sells a diverse range of garments and accessories, ranging from cold-weather gear meant to keep outdoor enthusiasts comfortable in the harshest climates to daily t-shirts and jackets. Of course, the firm continues to sell gear to athletes, continuously pushing the line to make its shirts, pants, cleats, and another gear lighter, stronger, and more comfortable to wear.

Whether it’s for a casual sports fan or an NFL athlete, all of Under Armour’s gear has one thing in common: their distinctive emblem.

Why do runners prefer Under Armour Shoes?

What do runners look for in running shoes? Aside from a correct fit, a combination of sturdiness and cushioning is essential in running shoes. Under Armour began as a sportswear brand in 1996, but did not reach the footwear market until 2009. With the introduction of the Speed Form series of shoes, the company soon gained traction among runners due to their snug fit and durability. Under Armour adopted fitness tracking, becoming a leader in linked kicks, in order to keep up with changing markets. Running shoes with built-in tracker apps make it easy for runners to examine their information and evaluate their performance. Under Armour has built a mobile fitness app empire that appeals to runners due to its utility and usefulness.

Best selling products Under Armour

Under Armour creates and sells athletic clothing. Under Armour is a newcomer to the market, but they are swiftly catching up and gaining prominence. Under Armour provides athletes with the most technologically sophisticated tailored gear and Athleisure accessories.

Under Armour: Performance Tees

Performance shirts are a must-have in every sportswear/athletic wear collection. They are highly breathable and can wick sweat away from your body, keeping you dry, cool, and comfortable. Furthermore, they are ideal for Casual Fridays at the workplace, physical labour duties (to keep your team comfortable while working hard), or simply for everyday use.

Under Armour: Polo Shirts

Under Armour bespoke polo shirts are constructed of soft anti-pick, anti-pill, or heat-resistant fabric. Heat Gear fabric from Under Armour not only wicks sweat but also regulates body temperature, making you feel cooler, drier, and lighter.

Under Armour: Outerwear

Under Armour, sports jackets are constructed of water-resistant polyester or nylon fabric and include UA Storm and Cold Gear technology. Under Armour, jackets are lightweight but robust enough to allow you to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities in comfort.

Add under Armour shoes to your footwear collection!

Although Under Armour shoes are relatively new to the market in comparison to footwear behemoths like Nike, this brand has quickly joined ranks with some of the world’s leading footwear firms. Look through the Hundred per cent store’s range of Under Armour shoes to find one that meets your needs and style. Atom allows you to pay for your favourite pair of Under Armour shoes in three easy instalments.

Every piece of authentic Under Armour footwear is well-made and comfortable to wear. However, with so many models available, it may be tough to choose just one. Good for you, because we’re about to reveal our 13 favorite Under Armour shoes right here, right now! So, if you’re thinking about acquiring your own UA apparel, this is a terrific area to hang out. Let us begin with the reviews, without further ado!

UA HOVR Rise 3

The UA HOVR Rise 3 is designed for mid/short-distance jogging and features a super-comfortable midsole. It offers good cushioning while remaining flexible. You will fall in love with this footwear if you like additional solidity from your Under Armour top sneakers. It works perfectly and looks fantastic! The top design is ideal for casual running. Meanwhile, the tread grips perform admirably on a variety of surfaces. It provides you with above-average traction. Also, don’t forget about the TriBase outsole, which provides excellent support.

UA Project Rock 3

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, has given his stamp of approval to UA Project Rock 3. This shoe, like the TriBase Reign, was originally designed for weightlifters. The increased cushioning, on the other hand, makes this footwear ideal for extended walks or short jogs. The TriBase technology provides excellent stability, letting you walk for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued. This is due to the fact that the majority of the pressure and impact is absorbed by the shoe rather than being directed to the sole of your foot.

Curry Flow 8

Basketball sneakers are an excellent choice for travel. The cushioning will absorb the majority of the pressure and impact, and the lightweight design will allow you to walk farther in comfort. As a result, we decided to recommend the well-known Curry Flow 8. As you may expect, iconic NBA superstar Stephen Curry endorses this pair of shoes.

In this way, Under Armour is genuinely one of the most impressive success stories of the power of a strong logo. Of course, achieving success like Under Armour’s requires a terrific logo matched with much better marketing. People’s connections with the Under Armour logo’s design may not be as advantageous to the brand’s bottom line as they are now if Under Armour did not invest in marketing to create their emblem with such a desirable connotation. However, the Under Armour logo has served to put the business on the map in more ways than one, and it is one of our favourite case studies on the impact a great logo can have.

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