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Your Top High-End Makeup Products

13 Sep 2022 6 Mins Read

There’s just something about high-end makeup brands the gleaming packaging, rich formulas, and overall beauty. Simply holding a high-end item makes you feel more refined. However, your bank account is not always something that makes you feel fancy. As nice as it would be to drown yourself in expensive makeup, it’s not always possible. Of course, treating yourself every now and then isn’t a crime. When you do, always make sure you’re getting the best of the best. Shouldn’t we make it worthwhile? Choosing just one product from the most expensive makeup brands is difficult, so we enlisted the help of experts.
Although there are many products on which you can spend your hard-earned money because they are perfect, others may simply fall short.

So, to avoid wasting money on products that may not live up to your expectations, you can go ahead and check out our Top 10 list of high-end makeup products.

1. Chanel Beauty
Chanel began with the best-selling perfume, Chanel No. 5, in 1921, and has since become one of the world’s most iconic beauty brands. In fact, Gabrielle Chanel was once known as much for her tweed jackets as she was for her crimson lips, which she created herself. The shade’s popularity eventually led to the launch of the brand’s first lip color collection in 1924, and the rest, as they say, is history. Each Chanel makeup product, from lightweight foundations to creamy lipsticks, exudes elegance with packaging embossed with the brand’s signature interlocking C’s. Its collections, which combine rich pigments and silky textures, are designed for the woman who has mastered the art of styling—a carefully placed brooch here, some pearl drop earrings there—and whose makeup exemplifies that same elevated look. Try the Rouge Coco Bloom lipstick (an ode to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself) or the Les Beiges eyeshadow palette, which includes five shimmery neutral shades that are always très chic, for makeup that is as timeless as its ready-to-wear and bags.

2. Gucci
Alessandro Michelle, Gucci’s head designer, designs for a bold, free-spirited woman, and the brand’s makeup line is no exception. Gucci’s fantastical, eclectic, and cultured allure is seamlessly translated into its makeup line, launched in 2019, with color-rich formulas and long-lasting textures that guarantee a head-turning look. Made for the modern and romantic woman, this line celebrates quirks, individuality, and everything that comes with it. Consider the Rouge à Lèvres Satin Lipstick. This fan favorite has a baroque-style gold casing and is beautifully etched. It’s charming yet edgy, and the long-lasting pigment—which is both creamy and opaque—looks equally good on your lips as it does on your vanity.

3. Tom Ford
The Tom Ford woman is unapologetically powerful, anything but ordinary, with a foot on both the West and East Coasts and struts in both directions (like Ford himself). With sultry shades and sleek, display-worthy packaging, this persona blends seamlessly into the brand’s beauty collection. Marlisa Diaz, a makeup artist, tells us that the brand’s eyeshadow palettes are among her favorites. “Not only is the color and texture selection incredible, but the pigmentation is intensely powerful and long-lasting on the eyes,” she adds. “A little goes a long way,” says the Fabulous Lip Color, which is guaranteed to give you a vibrant, full-coverage look with a high-shine finish.

4. Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury, a celebrity makeup artist, began her career working with nearly every supermodel and A-list actress imaginable before launching her own line in 2013. Inspired by her red carpet and runway looks, she decodes her expertise into makeup looks and easy-to-use products that anyone can use to look like they just stepped out of a glossy magazine. The Matte Revolution Lipsticks and Airbrush Flawless Finish (which Amal Clooney uses) are fan favorites that give off bombshell Hollywood vibes while remaining fresh and easy-to-wear. In fact, because of its universally flattering nude hue, Pillow Talk (the lipstick known only by its shade name) has become so popular that one tube is sold every two minutes. From creamy nude lipsticks and matching liners to dozens of twinkling eye palettes, each product boasts color-rich pigments that are long-lasting and always glamorous, elevating this makeup line to the pinnacle of luxury.

5. Armani Beauty
If you’re not familiar with Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation, let us introduce you to one of the most sought-after formulas on the market. This is the brand’s most iconic product and a go-to for celebs and royals alike. It’s luminous (it’s in the name for a reason) and outright stunning (Megan Markle and Kate Middleton are said to be fans). “Armani’s foundations are incredible,” Diaz says. It feels weightless on your skin and blends in so smoothly that you can use your fingers without fear of streaks. Aside from foundations, the Armani Eye Tints are a fan favorited for their intense color payoff and easy-to-glide texture. You can use the applicator to apply it as a shadow or as a liner for a more precise look. The formulas are also designed to be weightless and give the appearance of second skin without ever drying or settling into fine lines.

6. Yves Saint Laurent
Touché Eclat Illuminating Pen in four words. This liquid highlighter is the Beyoncé of skin illuminators (i.e., it’s hands-down the best), with beauty editors and makeup fans alike hailing it as a holy grail product (this one included). From Zoe Kravitz to Meghan Markle and Naomi Campbell, this highlighter/concealer hybrid is adored for its multitasking abilities: it brightens dark circles, illuminates the cheek and brow bones, and diffuses redness around the nose and lip area, or basically anywhere you want your skin to look more radiant. Not to be overlooked are YSL’s lip stains, which provide rich pigmentation with little to no fading, smudging, or transfer. It has a flattened applicator that makes it easy to apply even when you’re out and about and has serious staying power (it’s kiss-proof and coffee-proof).

NARS was founded in 1994 by makeup artist and photographer François Nars with the goal of encouraging women to experiment and have fun with makeup. Today, the brand continues to carry out this mission by offering a variety of makeup products, such as blushes designed to give you a post-coitus glow (“Orgasm”) and tinted moisturizers that provide a more subdued “no makeup makeup” look. And, given that this line began with just 12 lipsticks, it’s no surprise that its lip products are still some of the most sought-after in the industry, thanks to their intense pigments and long-lasting wear. NARS has a diverse lineup of shades, products, and tools that are easy to use whether you’re a makeup novice or a pro, whether you’re looking for a radiant creamy concealer, a flattering sweep of blush, or an iconic lipstick.

8. Dior Beauty
Since its inception in 1946, this iconic French heritage house has remained a “it” fashion and beauty brand, synonymous with taste and luxury. Christian Dior was known for his love of flowers (especially the rose), which he translated into his ready-to-wear clothing, bags, and makeup collection. Miss Dior, his first fragrance, was inspired by his sister Catherine, a professional gardener. While Dior’s perfumes are still extremely popular (we adore Adore), so are its makeup offerings. Dior’s Airflash Spray Foundation is one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets (red carpet legs don’t just happen), and the Rouge Dior lipstick is a signature product for the label and a fantastic place to start for those who want to test out the brand without committing too much.


When Hermès launched its beauty line in 2020, the Rouge Hermès Matte Lipstick quickly became the most fashionable makeup product on the market. The coveted offering, inspired by the house’s iconic silk scarves, comes in a variety of satin and matte finishes in hues ranging from soft rose to the brand’s iconic orange. Each shade is also housed in a brightly coloured, Pierre Hardy-designed enamel case, which is not only refillable but also a collectible décor item in and of itself. Hermès’ beauty arsenal has recently expanded to include silky powder blushes, a colorless lip pencil that works with almost any lipstick shade, and a beautifully hand-lacquered wooden lip brush for precise application.

10. Hourglass
The painstaking design of the hourglass item, which is minimal, sleek, and elegant, is a true representation of the excellence inside. Since its inception in 2004 by industry expert Carisa Janes, the brand has established itself as a one-of-a-kind and cruelty-free beauty line. Its best foundation is praised for concealing redness, including rosacea, and evening out skin tone, as well as minimizing the appearance of visible pores and fine wrinkles. The cult-favorite Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint is another essential in many makeup artists’ bags due to its skin tone-perfecting technology that blurs, softens, and brightens skin.


Every product in this cosmetic range, from velvety nude lipsticks and complementing liners to hundreds of dazzling eye palettes, offers color scheme components that are long-lasting and always beautiful, making it the essence of pure luxury.

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