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Best Selling Watches in Dubai

28 Feb 2022 6 Mins Read 619 Views

The watches enjoying the very best sales figures in the Middle East are amazingly numerous fashionable. This is often as a result of the United Arab Emirates, notably Dubai, maybe a regional hub that welcomes individuals from virtually everywhere the globe (China, India, Australia, etc.), and conjointly as a result of the resident population is continually dynamic, and changing into more and more sophisticated regarding the subtlety and breadth of Switzerland watch business. This year, the Six Emirates of the Gulf celebrate the 50th day of their historic unification. During this spirit, the ongoing EXPO 2020 additionally the port Watch Week wasn’t solely celebrations of the past but also proclamations of the Emirati future. The UAE made heritage and triumphing journey combined with its up-to-date principles and virtues, square measure a world identity in it. And maybe, it is the constant reason why this desert region is taken into account in the middle of the globe for luxury and prosperity.

Also, simply some weeks past, the port Watch Week came about fully swing, reinforcing the Emirate’s name as a serious luxury watch destination and commerce hotspot within the Near East. More so, within the spirit of the UAE Golden day of remembrance, watchmakers had one thing special future for the Emirati hosts. We tend to see an associate exquisite line-up of Middle East-specced watches – All edition and nearly entirely exclusive for the region.

Here are some best-selling watches in Dubai of the simplest watches from port Watch Week 2021 celebrating the UAE Year of the Fiftieth.


Perhaps the foremost fashionable luxury watch complete within the world, Rolex was based in 1905 in London, UK.  Rolex captive its headquarters to Geneva, Swiss Confederation. Whereas principally seen as a luxury complete, it’s conjointly a market leader once it involves style and mechanics. Adorned by celebrities across the world, Rolex watches clearly have an Associate in the Nursing eye-watering tag. However considering the fantastically crafted mechanics and stylish style, the watch is well worth the cash.


The second prime watch brand is Franck Muller, a label that originally started as a watch repair business. Each year, loyal customers of Franck Muller expect the World Premiere, wherever the corporate releases a brand new timekeeper assortment. They are well-known for their innovative approach to styles and regularly return up with gorgeous collections that still build a mark within the extremely competitive marketplace. Frank Muller has an exclusive flagship store within the Dubai Mall.


Breguet is one of the oldest watch brands in the world founded in 1775, Breguet is attributable to inventing the tourbillon to extend the accuracy of timepieces. This was conjointly one of all the primary watch corporations to introduce the thought of a wristwatch. Currently the corporate is in hand by the piece of cloth cluster, with the headquarters in Switzerland. Breguet watches in Dubai are offered within the brand’s flagship store in Dubai Mall and conjointly across most retailers of the Rivoli cluster.


Another top-selling Swiss watch complete within the UAE is Breitling, a corporation that has created a reputation for itself by making high-quality aviation and divers watches. Every measuring device by Breitling options caliber B01 or B04 movement in conjunction with the best Swiss craft. The company’s mid-range masterpiece, the 2009 Breitling Chronomat, was the brand’s 1st watch to be created from finish to finish in-house. The complete is currently closely-held by CVC Capital Partners. If you’re trying to get a Breitling watch in the city, there square measure exclusive boutiques of the complete within the city Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and different looking centers.


Patek Phillippe is another luxury watch whole in an urban center renowned for its technically sound and innovative merchandise. The corporate started in 1845, and to date owns over seventy patents that area unit a testament to the fine watchmaking artistry of the Swizz watchmakers. Patek’s horological milestones embrace everything from fashionable crown winding to the annual calendar. A number of their bestselling models embrace the globe Time Moon, Multi-Scale timer, and Chiming Jump Hour. Ahmed Seddiqui & Sons are the official resellers in Dubai.


The original Bulgari Roma watch was created in 1975. With solely one hundred items created within the original run, these little gold watches with a straightforward alphanumeric display got as gifts to Bulgari’s best purchasers. The primary example of Bulgari engraving their brand on the edge of a watch, a style flourish that set them apart and has since become a signature attribute for the noted Italian whole. Bulgari is never the primary watch whole to collaborate directly with artists, however as an associate emotion-amplifying add-on, the conception and execution area unit cool and completely worth adding for the correct client.


Rado may be a common name within the luxury watch-making business. The whole is elegant, reliable, and opulent, to mention the smallest amount. The horologist has invariably taken pride in its coming up with skills and has created it terribly clear to the planet that it’s to not be taken gently in any approach. Despite being based within the 20th century and being at a comprehensible disadvantage as way as expertise worries, nation horologists never let something be available in its thanks to glory. Today, Rado is understood collectively as the earliest pioneers of the avant-garde movement and therefore the innovative drive that we have a tendency to see nowadays during a ton of alternative brands furthermore.

#8 Omega

For over a hundred and seventy years, OMEGA has established a name together of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers. Masters of high exactness and style, Swiss people complete is recognized as a frontrunner of the business, with painting timepieces that regularly evolve through innovation and elegance. Of course, OMEGA’s greatest focus can continually stay on its watchmaking. The foremost recent successes have enclosed important breakthroughs in anti-magnetism, additionally, because of the introduction of Co-Axial movements and Master clock certification – that provides the industry’s highest normal of exactness, performance, and magnetic resistance, sure by a fictional character and with pride worn by customers throughout time and across the world, there’s nothing higher for your carpus than OMEGA.

Other popular luxury watch brands in Dubai include Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Panerai, IWC, Hublot, Piaget, Cartier, Tag Heuer, and more.

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