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Best E-Commerce Websites in Egypt

23 Feb 2022 13 Mins Read 8919 Views

E-Commerce by reproducing trends in the online retail industry alongside the traditional market, website creation has become an unavoidable aspect of the online world. Due to statics, their area unit quite thirty-one million net users in Egypt. With a population, of one hundred million, Egypt is one the foremost developed countries in Africa, particularly once it involves digital selling and advertising.  There is unit wildcat online looking sites in Egypt wherever you’ll be able to look or sell your merchandise.  Egypt is taking into account the 48 largest marketplaces for e-Commerce with revenue of US$4 billion in 2020. All of this can be a golden probability for E-COMMERCE Egypt platforms that have intense competition. In lightweight of this enlargement within the Egyptian market, with statics that tell that 34th of the Egyptian population have bought a minimum of one product online in 2020. This can be a giant probability for your business to begin online. However to begin with stable steps you wish a knowledgeable team to consider. And this can be what we are able to provide you with within the PORTAL agency with an associate innovative team of developers.

Best merchandise to sell online in Egypt

The best merchandise to sell online in Egypt embraces natural philosophy and gadgets books, clothes, fashion things, sports and fitness commodities, and households. The biggest player within the Egyptian E-COMMERCE Market is SOUQ.COM. The shop had revenue of US$116 million in 2020. Behind SOUQ.COM there are several competitors like OLX.COM, JUMIA, and hour EGYPT.

The competition het up once the grand merging of SOUQ.COM & the international player AMAZON. This nice entry is going to be useful for the Egyptian market in many aspects. However, the largest beneficiary here is the Egyptian client.

Top 10 e-commerce websites in Egypt 2021.

Souq Egypt. Souq is the best e-commerce in Egypt in 2021.

OLX. Secondly, OLX is the 2nd in the top 10 list of the best online shopping in Egypt in 2021.

Jumia Egypt is in the third top 10 list of online shopping sites and e-commerce websites in Egypt in 2021.

by Egypt


H&M online store in Egypt. H&M is also one of the top e-commerce websites in Egypt today.

Max Fashion

Souq Egypt is the largest e-commerce platform in the Arab world. The company launched in 2005 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On March 28, 2017, Inc. acquired for $580 million and became its subsidiary. On May 1, 2019, UAE became known as Amazon. ae, while on June 17, 2020, KSA became known as The Egyptian site has well turned into Amazon. eg on September 1, 2021. As of March 2017, it sold over 8.4 million products in 31 categories, including consumer electronics, fashion, health and beauty, household goods, and baby. It also had around 45 million visits per month. It was the largest e-commerce platform in the Arab world as of 2016, often described as the Amazon of the Middle East. As of 2014, the site was delivered to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar.

As of March 2017, has localized operations in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt, which as of 2014 equated to semi-automated modern fulfillment centers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt, measuring a total of 35,000 square meters. At the time the company employed around 2,500 employees in engineering, retail, customer support, fulfillment, and last-mile delivery sections.

OLX Egypt

OLX Egypt is a leading platform for providing simple and convenient solutions for all shopping for and commercial transactions in Egypt. Attempt to empower people to upgrade their lives by victimization OLX. Native economies, empower the smaller businesses and facilitate everybody to build a smarter selection for themselves, the market, and therefore the planet. As a worldwide technical school company and one in every of one or two unicorns within the region, OLX operates in 16 countries, run by 6,750+ staff, their product and services build the exchange of products and services simple and convenient for over 210+ million people victimization our leading marketplaces like OLX, Dubizzle, Bayut, Zameen Mubawab, property, Lamudi, Sector Labs, and Kaidee. OLX has 1000’s of ads out there in Egypt for products available from cars, furniture, and physics to jobs and services listings.

Jumia Egypt

It is third in the top 10 list of online shopping sites and e-commerce websites in Egypt in 2021. Jumia is also a leading e-commerce platform incontinent. It’s designed around a marketplace, Jumia supplying, and JumiaPay. The marketplace helps legion customers and sellers to attach and interact. Their supply allows the delivery of legion packages through our network of native partners. JumiaPay facilitates the payments of online transactions for Jumia’s scheme. With over one billion people and 500 million net users in Africa, they believe that e-commerce is creating people’s lives easier by serving to them look and buy the legion products at the most effective costs where they live. E-commerce is additionally making new opportunities for SMEs to grow, and job opportunities for a replacement generation to thrive. With over 5,000 workers in additional than 10 countries in Africa, Jumia is diode by high proficient leaders giving an excellent mixture of native and international skills and is backed by terribly high-profile shareholders. Jumia is committed to making a property impact in Africa. They offer distinctive opportunities in exceedingly vivacious and booming surroundings, making new jobs, new skills, and empowering a replacement generation.

Is Jumia an Egyptian company?

Jumia, Egypt’s no. 1 online mall was established in July 2012 with the aim and vision to become the one-stop shop in Egypt with the implementation of best practices both online and offline. Jumia is the largest online mall store in Egypt. Deliveries to all cities in Egypt.

UBuy Egypt

Ubuy Egypt is the last word International online looking expertise Platform in Egypt. Ubuy offers you the chance to settle on prime branded merchandise sitting in Ubuy Egypt presents pleasant expertise of online looking. Get facilitates cross-border e-commerce internationally. Cross borders nearly with Ubuy and search among a range of merchandise completely from our worldwide markets. Associate in the Nursing exclusive and unrealizable style of merchandise are solely out there on our website and delivered firmly among 5-6 operating days. Explore the variability of merchandise from completely different worldwide markets like the US UK, Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Japan with our distinctive program wherever it’s secure you will realize what you’ve been trying to find. Specialized for the benefit of your comfort localized payment ways are out there and firmly earned. Our distinctive program is formed to look for various merchandise simply to ensure that one product you have got been trying to found search and revel in the website and application out there on the App Store and Google Play all at the smallest amount of expense and luxury of your home.


Noon may be a technology leader with a straightforward mission to be the most effective place to shop for and sell things. In doing this they tend to hope to accelerate the digital economy of the center East, empowering regional talent and businesses to satisfy the complete vary of consumers’ online wants.

Starting in 2017 with a time of, the region’s native e-commerce platform and leading online looking destination, noon is currently a digital scheme of merchandise and services The region’s leading e-commerce platform and digital marketplace, providing unbelievable worth across multiple classes with the first service, delivering to customers within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

Noon Grocery

Noon’s grocery platform delivers everything you would like, from recent fruits and vegetables to room and home items, and more, at the most effective costs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also the UAE.


On-demand platform giving customers access to stores and services in their native neighborhood, delivery inside minutes of ordering. You would like it now? Twig NowNow.

Noon pay

Secure, speedy, and economical online payment platform from time of day. Send cash to individuals, get hold of purchases directly, and access unbelievable rewards victimization time of day pay.


The region’s quickest fashion destination, SIVVI offers customers a market-leading providing with 3-hour delivery offered in the national capital and Dubai and same-day/next-day delivery offered across the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Noon Food

Noon food may be a restaurant-first platform providing truthful commissions, a property program, and operational flexibility for the food and drinkable trade within the Middle East.

Noon VIP

Noon influential person may be a mode rewards program for the digital-savvy, frequent online shopper. Time of day influential person currently sleeps in KSA, the UAE, and Egypt.

A native school platform, time of day has apace designed deep native capabilities in its marketplace, fulfillment, logistics, and payment platforms.


H&M is also one of the top e-commerce websites in Egypt today. The fashion merchandiser entered Egypt in 2008 and currently has thirteen stores within the country. The online look can offer  Egyptian customers access to associate degree extended vary of product together with fashion for girls, men, and kids additionally as a spread of H&M Home things. In addition, there’ll be a variety of online-only items on the market. H&M same the new channel can result in an improved service for purchasers can currently is able to look online and collect and come product in-store. H&M currently offers online shopping in 51 markets.

Max Fashion

Max Fashion is an Associate in Nursing Emirati fashion complete below the banner of the Mumbai-based Landmark group. The brand was 1st launched in May 2004, in the Middle East in UAE. Max Fashion was 1st established in 2004 within the Middle East, in United Arab Emirates’ capital. The year 2006 saw the India launch of the complete with its 1st store in Indore. Max, at present, is the largest fashion complete within the geographical area, geographic area, South East Asia & India, with over five hundred stores encompassing eight.5 million sq.ft., across twenty countries, as well as United Arab Emirates, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kenya, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Libya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Iraq. In 2016, when a decade of its India launches, Max Fashion discharged its 1st TV business. Catering to the mid-market section, Max has its own personal label wear for men ladies, and kids besides footwear, home, and accessories.

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