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Trainline: Train & Bus Tickets – Use Our Train Journey Planner

Trainline: Train & Bus Tickets – Use Our Train Journey Planner

15 Dec 2022 4 Mins Read

Trainline is a privately owned company that sells rail tickets for trains around Europe. Customers can search, compare, and purchase low-cost train tickets all in one location using the Trainline website and app. Since it started operations in 1997, Trainline has sold more than 200 million tickets. For the previous six years, Which? magazine has placed the company as the top seller of rail tickets in the UK. We’ll examine about how to utilise Trainline to find, contrast, and purchase affordable train tickets in this blog post. We’ll also go over a few of the Trainline website’s and app’s features and offer advice on how to make the most of them.

The top independent railway ticket seller in Europe is called Trainline. Over 200 train and coach operators, including National Express and UK rail carriers, are among those whose tickets we sell. Tickets can be purchased through our app, website, or one of our approved ticket agents. We are dedicated to making rail travel for everyone easy, quick, and economical. This is why we provide a variety of tools for finding, comparing, and purchasing low-cost train tickets.

Trainline Online Mobile App

The greatest smartphone app for finding, comparing, and purchasing low-cost train tickets is Trainline. The Trainline app allows you to:

– Find train schedules and tickets for all UK trains.

– Evaluate costs offered by various train operators.

– Purchase tickets with a few taps.

– Receive real-time travel updates

– Safely store your tickets in the app for future trips.

Whether you’re looking for last-minute tickets or advance reservations, finding the finest train travel prices is simple with the Trainline app. Additionally, the app makes it simple to purchase tickets and securely store them for upcoming trips.


You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for Trainline tickets. We’ll assist you in finding, comparing, and purchasing low-cost train tickets so you can travel.

Trainline is the ideal starting point for your search for train tickets. You can quickly and simply compare rates and routes from hundreds of different train operators using our simple search engine.

Once you’ve located the ideal ticket, just buy it using our safe checkout process, and we’ll give you an electronic ticket. It’s that simple!

Trainline is the ideal site to search, contrast, and purchase affordable train tickets. You can find a great price on your trip with fares starting at just £12*.

Trainline Journey Planner

The easiest way to look for, compare, and purchase low-cost train tickets is through the Trainline journey planner. The Trainline journey planner will handle the rest after you enter your origin and destination stations and choose your travel dates and times. Based on your preferences, the Trainline route planner will automatically identify the least expensive train tickets for your trip. Additionally, you can use the Trainline journey planner to look up promotions and discounts on train tickets.

The best tool for finding and comparing train tickets for your trip is the Trainline Journey Planner. You can use the Trainline Journey Planner tool to look for train tickets or search by route, date, and time. The Trainline Journey Planner will display the most affordable tickets for your trip.

Contactless Payment

You can now pay for your train tickets using contactless payment if you purchase them through Trainline. If you don’t want to use cash or don’t have a credit card or debit card with you, this is a terrific option for paying for your tickets. Simply tap your card on the contactless icon on the ticket machine to use contactless payment. To utilise this service, you must have a debit or credit card that supports contactless payments.

On Trainline, contactless payments are now possible! Your smart device or contactless card can be used to purchase a railway ticket. This is how it works:

1. You can use contactless payment when looking for tickets on Trainline.

2. Choose this choice and provide your payment information.

3. Your ticket will be saved in the Trainline app as soon as you confirm your purchase and receive an email confirmation.

4. Tap your card or phone on the reader when you arrive at the station, then leave. Please be aware that contactless payments on Trainline are limited to £30.

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